Monday, December 6, 2010

Last Weekend Biggest News

Groupon Turns Down Google’s $6 Billion Offer 
  • According to Chicago Breaking Business and Bloomberg, Groupon has rejected Google’s massive $6 billion acquisition offer and intends to stay independent.

WikiLeaks Cables Appear to Confirm China Attack on Google 
  • WikiLeaks’s latest set of leaked documents reveal that Chinese leadership turned against Google upon discovering search results critical of the country, the government and specific party members. Some sources confirm that the government was, in fact, behind the attacks.

PayPal Permanently Restricts WikiLeaks Account 
  • PayPal has “permanently restricted” WikiLeaks’s PayPal account, which the organization used to receive donations, because it “encourages, promotes, facilitates or instructs others to engage in illegal activity,” PayPal announced. Earlier this week, WikiLeaks’s domain name systems (DNS) provider,, and website host, Amazon, terminated their service contracts with the organization as well.

Source : mashable
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