Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tips To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight

The following six tips will encourage you and increase your willpower. You can reduce up to 10 pounds keeping these tips as your guidelines.
  • Affirmations for Weight Loss Will Keep Your Spirits High!
Affirmations for weight loss are sentences of courage and strength which you can use to remind yourself to be strong and patient. These sentences or reminders persuade you to follow the right path and keep you opportunistic about the future results. For losing weight it is crucial for you to have a strong will power and a strong sense of your goal, hence such affirmations will indeed take you a long way ahead.
  • Set Deadlines to Keep Your Weight Loss Aims Progressive
If you set time lines and choose a certain amount of weight to lose till a particular deadline, it will help you get a clearer idea about your aims. You can keep a constant check on your progress and in this manner you will be able to maintain an active weight loss regime. Food Journals are an interesting way of tracking your progress.

  • Choose Practical and Realistic Goals
There are various weight loss programs and courses available out there. But many of them are not realistic and just give an easy way out which is neither healthy nor rewarding. For instance, some weight loss program aims at losing 10 pounds per week; however it is impossible to decrease weight every week. Hence, choose a program that promises both a fruitful outcome and a healthy solution.
  • Celebrate Your Success!
Whenever you achieve a goal in your weight loss routines, reward yourself with any non-food item. It can be anything you have wanted to buy for a long time. Your favorite dress, movie, book or hair cuts. Giving yourself such gifts will make you not only happy but gives you a sense of accomplishment and urge you to attain more.
  • Make Strong Promises and Maintain a Sense of Accountability
Keep yourself on the right path of weight loss by reminders that give you a sense of responsibility. You should choose people who you should be answerable to in case you fail to achieve your goals. The first person is your own self. If you have a work out friend or close friends make yourself answerable to them. Remind yourself of your favorite jeans and dresses you so much want to fit in.

Source: MLP

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