Monday, August 23, 2010

From the table "AWESOME"

         People often do say, true friends don't desert each other when one is facing trouble  and I do agree with that. We have many relations at home, but friendship is a precious thing which we all preserve and try to make friends in every walk of life. What is your opinion?

         We share our deepest sorrow also with a friend, which we find it to share with our family members, as we are scared that the sorrow may hurt them. But, a friendship is different, he advises us in our dilemma times, when we find difficult to differentiate between what is right and wrong.

         Everyone in this world longs for a friend, whether he is a man or woman. Even in this modern world we search for chat sites and make chat friends. The reason is simple, we need a friend with whom we can share our feelings. Though we cannot see the chat friends we do share our feelings with them and feel ourselves relieved of our sorrow and our heart becomes light.

        Everybody has friends whether it is a toddler, teenager, adult or aged, all want friends. We see some us after growing up  or leaving our colleges also keep in touch with friends and have a get together and share each others feelings and happiness and see how successful they are in there life and feel happy for them. So, never hurt a friend and protect them in your heart.

        Lastly, friends are the treasure of our life, we should protect it and never loose them. AWESOME....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Be Creative, Be Innovative...

Tengah aku dok selongkar
Yahoo Google, aku terjumpe satu e-book yang best. Tajuk e-book ni "Bringing Origami to life". Aku dari kecik mmg suke sangat dengan kerumitan lipatan origami ni. For ur info, aku suke mereka-reka guna duit  kertas RM1 masa sekolah dulu. Tapi e-book ni just ajar lebih kurang 25 bentuk jer (not bad kan), byk bentuk animal yang cute2 je. Lastly...kalo nak cuba buat, boleh download di link kt bawah. 

Link: mediafire

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sebab Anda Perlu Join 1Malaysia Bloggers Community

Tengah2 aku blogwalking, aku terjumpa satu site ni. Nama site ni 1Malaysia Blogger Community, so lets check it out!!

Sebab anda perlu join 1Malaysia Bloggers Community:

1. Buatan Malaysia

2. Lebih kurang macam blogger community yang lain macam BlogMalaysia

3. Form untuk submit blog yang simple (tak sampai 5 minit)

4. Baru je 26 ahli yang listed setakat 8 ogos ni, so big chances blog anda untuk di"review" oleh admin

5. Bila blog anda tlah approved, screenshot serta detail tentang blog anda akan dipaparkan di 1Malaysia Bloggers Community

6. Can maximize ur followers

7. Aku join community ni pun sbb usia blog "AWESOME" baru lagi...hehe

1Malaysia Blogger Community

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Forgive Me!!!

 Dear my friends~.~.~.~

            Days pass so quickly, we welcomed last Ramadan, then we bade it farewell, and only a short period of time passed and we are welcoming Ramadan again on this month. So we should hasten to do good deeds in this month and strive to fill it with what Allah is pleased with and with what will help us on the Day when we meet Allah on the Mahsyar. To all my AWESOME friends, if I'm done any offence, please forgive my fault whether deliberately or accidentally. I'm just a simple person who cares more about my friend rather than myself. Lastly, lets hear song from one of my favourite singer. It makes my tears falling...."AWESOME". Continue.....

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