Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Historic El Clasico

5 bjik..hambek ko
          Barcelona produced a magnificent performance last night. In my view, JM played too much players that don’t play defence well. Di Maria, Benzema, Ozil? They are good in going forward but have no-experiencie in ‘high pressure’ games.

Meh poco-poco jap...
         Also, I am astounded at how bad the Real midfielders and defenders played. Barcelona won because of the quality of the interplay in midfield area especially Xavi. Thank you to Ramos because beats up his fellow friend, Puyol and Xavi. That’s simply the best for a clear red card…AWESOME.

P.S : The return fixture is on April 17 2011 at the Bernabeu Stadium.
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Anonymous said...

Suka.. Suka.. Suka.. Sngat Suka. Padan Muka Real.. Penyokong Real. jangan Marah erk.. :)

DausYgBeZz said...


Akram Razali said...

skrg ni JM tgh pening calculate formation baru

fitrijohari007 said...

felt suprise...suprise defeat of RM with huge goal deficit..

i tot el clasico match should end with both club got 1 point only..huhu

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