Friday, July 2, 2010

World Cup Award Predictions

        On Friday, heading into the quarter-finals of the tournament, I predict the Final Four will be Uruguay, Netherlands, Argentina and Spain. Why?? Because these team are the biggest threat in my opinion. And my prediction?? Spain will be the champion!! Haha...for those of you who have started to doubt my prediction, let's hear your prediction as well.
          In addition, each edition of this tournament, FIFA will award several top performers at the end of the event, including Adidas Golden Ball Award ( best overall player of the tournament ), Adidas Golden Shoe (top scorer ), and Yashin Award ( best goalkeeper ). So what my predictions on these award? Just continue reading below.......

Best Goalkeeper
Iker Casillas
          The European champions may well have the best goalkeepers in the world. Iker Cassilas would be the best choice for this award. Despite his dissatisfaction expressed regarding the Jabulani, it didn't cause any real schoolboy error to him just like Robert Green. To me, Casillas is the most consistent goalkeepers in this tournament. 

Top Scorer
Luis Suarez
            Definitely Uruguay forward Luis SUAREZ! Most of you maybe predict the Spain forward David Villa  and Argentina forward Gonzalo HIGUAIN. I believe that Suarez will be the top scorer of this competion. He is a talented world-class finisher and has outstanding vision.

Best Overall Player
Mesut Oezil
            What more can I say? It will easily hands down be Germany's midfielder Mesut OEZIL. In my opinion, although still very young for a miedfielder, he has proven himself helping Germany to this quarter-final round and he is an exciting players to watch. He is not just a goal scorer but also the crucial playmaker.

P/s: The winner in South Africa? I shall keep faith with my prediction, Spain will be the champion!!
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lankapo said...


Nice prediction. Ramai predict Brazil and Argentina will be in the final.

Maybe akan ada upset hehe. Spain mmg kuat tapi belum jumpa Argentina lagi hehe

Akram Razali said...

Hoho...midfielder ngan forward Argentina mmg bagus tapi ana sangsi skit dengan perfomance defence

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